Monday, November 11, 2013

October in Ardagh, Co. Longford - 2013

I visited Ardagh, Co. Longford again back in October, I was actually hoping there would be a bit more of a colour change with Autumn arriving but not much had changed yet! It was still very green. I also filmed a little bit with my iPhone. I will link the video below so scroll down and enjoy the photos before seeing the video! :)

St Brigid's Roman Catholic Church on the left and on the right a photo of the main road in Ardagh and the Clock Tower in the distance.

A tree changing colours on the grounds of St Brigid's Roman Catholic Church.

St Patrick's Church of Ireland & Graveyard.

Some flowers getting the last of the nice weather before Autumn comes along.

The Clock Tower was completed in 1863 and commemorates Sir George Ralph Fetherston who managed Ardagh House and its estate.  The main inscription on the clock tower reads:

In Remembrance of Sir George Ralph Fetherston Baronet and of his Life Long Devotion to the Moral and Social Improvement of his Tenantry this Clock Tower and the Surrounding Buildings were Erected and the Site Wheron they Stand Purchased by Frances Elizabeth his Widow."

For more about Ardagh and The Clock Tower click here!

We walked up towards the old Church and Graveyard but before going in we walked up by it and to a sign telling us all about Ardagh and the different things you could go look at. It told us about a road to The Rectory which was beside us so we walked down a little bit and it was so beautiful! The sun was in the right place and it just lit up the trees! I will definitely be revisiting when the leaves start to change more.

Then we finally went back and visited the Old Church and Graveyard which has been strimmed and mowed since I was last there!

Merle had lots of fun exploring and adventuring around the place! It was great being about to walk around the graveyard better this time and no nettles and long grass in the way!

This was my favourite shot of the day I think. The light was just right and it looked so beautiful! It lit up the tombstones, part of the church and trees so nice.

The Church of Ireland which was only recently renovated. We did meet a lovely lady there who was mowing the grass around the Church and she told us about all the renovating, let us see inside the Church, which you can only go into so far and then they have a fenced gate to protect the inside from intruders. It's really beautiful inside. I signed the guest book saying "Beautiful! Great place to take pictures" or something like that. I spelt "beautiful" wrong though which I was raging about but I was talking at the same time as writing it Oh well haha!

Some more Merle! The sun lit up his fur colours really nice! :)

The gate in the photos is the Lych Gate. Coffins of the dead were traditionally met by a clergyman at the Lych Gate. The Gate is amongst one of the few surviving in Ireland.

You can also see the gate in the photos above with the Church of Ireland in the background.

Some beautiful leaves changing colour.

The Lych Gate again and those beautiful leaves.

The Church of Ireland on the right, a cross tombstone in the middle and on the left the Clock Tower in the background.

And to finish up some more photo of lovely Merle! He had great fun going around and sniffing, exploring and adventuring everything!

I didn't get to go back to Ardagh to see if there was any more change in the autumn colours. If we have any nice weather at all I will be sure to go and see if I can get any more photos. It's a beautiful village! I also have to get some more photos of my home village Legan before winter kicks in. So keep watching! :) 

Oh and here is the video with some of the clips I recorded. Sorry about the noise in the background! There was strimming and mowing going on :) I hope you enjoy and if you'd like to see more videos like this please let me know! 

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