Monday, September 23, 2013

Legan, Co Longford 2011 Floods

I found some photos that I had taken back in 2011 of the floods around Legan after some very heavy rain we had for awhile. Unless you're from Legan Co. Longford yourself, you're not really going to see how flooded it got or know where the photos were taken! I've explained the locations best I can though and I thought I'd upload anyhow for my Legan viewers!

The three of those photos above were taken down the bog road to the Inny River. Just at the turn at the end of the road (clay shooting to the left and bog/Inny River right).

Three above taken of the river at the Legan Ball Alley. You can see how far out it flooded by the leaves on the right of the last photo.

 The other side of the Legan Ball Alley.

Standing on the little bridge just down from the turn to Smithfield and before the turn to Foxhall crescent. The Black Water flooded so much it was just nearly covering the bridges arches!

Not the greatest photos but I hope you enjoyed! 

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