Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Merle Part II - July 2013

Some more photos of my playful and crazy pup Merle! Taken about a month or so ago. He is growing so much and has already changed! I will have some more recent photos soon :)

I got him this lovely fluffy ball and he loves it! I only used it now for when he is playing fetch because he is chewing it up too easy when he is left alone with it!

Look at the cute! I think he has a bit of grass in his mouth! He is mad to chew everything that is outside.

We gave him an ice cube and he didn't know what to do with it! It is hilarious watching him being so confused by it and not being able to bite it or keep it in his mouth too long. It was perfect for cooling him down in this hot weather though. Here is a video of him vs a later piece of ice! :D

His little tongue!

When I make weird sounds at him this is how he looks at me! Haha! Perfect shots though :D

This is definitely one of my favourite shots of him! Running with his hoop!

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