Thursday, August 8, 2013

Merle Part I - July 2013

Say hello to my new pup Merle! His mother is a Blue Merle Collie and his father was a mix between a Labrador and a Red Setter. I'm pretty sure that is why he has all those lovely colours and patterns ;)

I got him on the 4th of July when he was just 8 weeks old and old enough to be away from his mother. He was a bit nervous in the car when we brought him home but he soon made the house his own! He loves to chew everything ;) Luckily a stern voice will put him in his place! He has lots of toys for chewing but always wants to chew everything but them! But he wouldn't be a puppy if he didn't want to chew everything before him, would he? His name is Merle after Michael Rooker's character in The Walking Dead but also the name is taken from his mothers breed.

These photos were taken when he arrived to his new home. He now has a much longer snout and his legs are so long and dangly! He has not stopped growing.

He loves to chew Steve's hands and his beard and his face and well he'll just about chew every bit of him haha!

He is lovely and playful like every puppy should be. He loves running, tumbling and knocking head first into the long grass and rushes! He eats every single piece of moss he can find along with anything else that is lost in the garden waiting for him to find.

I will have some more posts about Merle in future. Trying to take as much photos of him as I can as he grows!

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jr cline said...

He is a real beauty.