Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tristernagh - 2012

We went to another Graveyard! Tristernagh in Co. Westmeath is one of my favourite places to visit. There is a church. Graveyard, grave of a healer priest and a ruined Abbey and Ice House down the fields which I have yet to photograph. This same day I also took lots of photos of Steve so I will have a blog post of those up next! Enjoy!

Tristernagh Church and Graveyard.

Someone left a dolly outside the church. Not creepy at all.

Grave and headstone of a priest who was said to be able to heal people so people leave things (money, toys, clothes, etc.) around his grave in hope that they'll get healed. 

 Some close ups of the headstone.

Cross around the side of the Church.

There is an alter in the ruined church in Tristernagh were people have left candles (mass might be still said there now and again I'm not sure), teddy bears (very sad looking ones), crosses, rosary beads, money, etc. I photographed it before, you can see it in this blog post, and someone had left a €20 note there!

I also got lots of photos of Steve which I will have a blog post up about soon. Be sure to check out lots more photos of the day here on Flickr and on my Facebook here.


jr cline said...

You took some wonderful photos. What an interesting place.

Aishling O'Neill said...

Thanks you again JR! It is a very interesting place! I really want to get some photos of the Abbey and Ice House!