Thursday, May 2, 2013

Steve at Tristernagh - 2012

Taken the same day as Tristernagh - 2012.
I have these uploaded to my private Facebook account and don't know why I didn't upload them to my photography page or put them up in my blog! Silly me! Anyhow here are some photos I took of Steve the day we visited Tristernagh. I just love these photos. The weather was just right and I had a great model :P The light was changing as we moved around to different places and I got some wonderful shots because of it! This is only a few of all the shots I took that day. More can be viewed on my Flickr here or my Facebook page here.

First photo I took of him and I knew I'd have to take some more :P

The light was awesome that day and I love how it lights up his beard!

There was mold all over the walls inside the Church and any light getting in was giving off this amazing green glow as well as blue from the sky above. The colours were amazing.

Love the green reflection in the second photo!

Another good one of his beard :P

These last three shots are by far my favourite. Steve is so pretty! I definitely need to photograph him some more.

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