Friday, May 10, 2013

Henry Rollins - 2011

I have seen the wonderful Henry Rollins twice now. Galway in 2011 and Dublin in 2012 and I hope to see him many times in the future as long as he keeps coming here! For anyone who doesn't know Henry Rollins (you should!) he's a spokenword artist/musician/writer/most awesome person ever and you need to see him live. He stood up on stage and spoken for 3 hours straight without breaking or even taking a drink of water. His stories are funny, tragic, sad and unbelievably motivating. Do not miss him!

These photos were taken back in 2011 at the Black Box in Galway. I brought my DLSR with me and my Nifty Fifty (50mm lens) and hoped they would be ok with me taking photos. I took lots and either nobody spotted me or they don't mind people taking photos, either way I'm so happy with the photos! As you can see there was so much black and not much light so some photos are blurry cos I haven't really practiced in low light situations but I was really happy with the shots I got even if they aren't perfect!

He has some wonderful facial expressions! :P I took lots more photos and you can view them here on my Flickr!

Lots more new and old photos to come!

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