Saturday, May 25, 2013

Abbeyshrule Part II - 2013

You can view Part I of Abbeyshrule here.

 We were going to walk down along the Canal when we noticed you could walk down along a lane way. We have no idea where it brought you but I thought I might be able to get some photos of the Abbey through the trees and I was! In the photo above you can see Abbeyshrule Abbey on the left and you can also see the Inny River on the right going down through the bottom of the photo. It was the best shot I could get of both of them.

I zoomed in a bit closer.

Just near the end of the lane way there was some lovely trees. This was one of them.

The lane way was actually a lane to someones house! Such a beautiful place to live!

We then decided to walk over to the Abbey. On the way you walk over the Inny River Bridge.

Abbeyshrule Graveyard just beside the Abbey. Taken when I just got off the bridge. The sun was shining on just that area.

More awesome trees.

A tomb in Abbeyshrule Graveyard. You could get in but the gate was stuck in all the stones and it would have taken awhile to move them out of the way.

Along side the tomb.

Abbeyshrule Abbey.

It's always a pity when things are left to ruin but it is very very pretty.

A broken headstone. It had some pretty detail around the cross! A pity!

Inside Abbeyshrule Abbey isn't very impressive. A lot of it is closed off because its falling down. I do hope it gets fixed up. I took this photo of the archway out before we left.

Hope you enjoyed all the photos I took of Abbeyshrule! To see older photos I've take of Abbeyshrule click here and scroll down by these posts. I will visit again and get over more of the area in future.

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Erin Dawn said...

This place is beautiful!!

Aishling O'Neill said...

It really is! It's a lovely place to walk around on a nice day! :)