Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Abbeyshrule Part I - 2013

We visited Abbeyshrule on Saturday so I could get some photos and we could go for a walk. The weather was really unpredictable. At first it was nice and sunny and then the next minute it was pouring rain. So in some of the photos you can see its very cloudy but other times there is nice blue skies! Oh Ireland and its weather :P I will have to visit again as much as I can cos there is lots of photo opportunities. For now enjoy the photos I got this time! :)

At first it was so nice and sunny and then the next minute it poured. I took this photo of the canal standing under the bridge to get away from the rain. You can see some of the ripples in the water from the rain.

We met some nice ducks!

Only three and they were strange. Just all staring at something we couldn't see. When I got this shot they had decided to stretch their necks. Next time I have to remember to bring some bread. They get very friendly and come a lot closer when they think you have something for them!

I was standing and waiting for ages to get both of those shots above of the little house through the canal bridge. Finally the sun came out and I got the shots I wanted.

Steve watching the ducks flex :P

I wish I could have gotten closer for better detail but the green on their heads is amazing! So pretty.

There is lots of boats down along the canal. It makes it look lovely!

The Inny River Bridge taken from the canal walkway.

The other side of the canal bridge. More boats!

A lovely friendly dog we met!

Some lovely Bluebells.

Vintage Feel Bluebells.

Pretty Tulip.

Vintage Feel Tulip.

I still have lots more photos of Abbeyshrule to come! Including ones of Abbeyshrule Abbey.
Keep an eye out for Part II! :D

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jr cline said...

You got some great photos. I do like the black and white ones a lot. The ducks are awesome. I like ducks.

Aishling O'Neill said...

Thanks again JR! :D