Saturday, April 27, 2013

Legan in November 2012 - Part I

A walk through Legan on a wet but nice and sunny evening in November 2012. Lots of blues and golds.
Part II here.

Kiernan's Pub that has been long closed. The sun was shining on it perfectly.

A man cycled past. The road and paths were golden from the sun.

I love this shot. I love how the sun just lightly outlines him.

He was a very friendly horse. Again I love the light on him.

The lane way I was walking down. It brings you down towards Legan Rock. I love how massive the trees are. They really show their size in this photo.

This is one of my favourite spots along the road. I just stood on the ditch (which Bailey hated, she has no patience :P) and waited for the sun to set a little more and it lit up the top branches of the trees and in the distance. You can see another photo of it here in my Part II blog post and even more on my Facebook/Flickr.

 I brought Bailey with me for the walk. She stood here for awhile listening. It's very rare for her to stand still long enough so I can get her photo! Haha! I do love all the golden trees in the background and the pop of red from her collar. 

I took lots of photos so be sure to check out my Facebook album of Part I and my Flickr set (Which has Part I & II together).

Don't forget to check out the Part II blog post here!

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