Thursday, April 25, 2013


Oh my gosh! A new post. It's been awhile. I decided that my blog needed some changing. I went through past posts and tidied them up a bit (removing dead links and photos, etc). I also changed the look and layout. The black was a bit to depressing and dull so I changed it to white and thought about making a new banner but in the end I just went for something simple. I couldn't figure out what font to use and then I was messing with that one and was laughing at it at first but now I really like it! Anyhow I'm liking the simple look of it now.

There is lots of info and stuff in the sidebar as well as just below the header. I have a new Blogroll with not too many peoples so far but hopefully it will fill up!

I will for now post what new photos I have but will slowly posts photos I took awhile ago as well. I usually always update my Facebook page if I have new photos so be sure to check it out.

Ok onto my latest photos! Some photos of Steve and the horses we met out walking around Crossea :)

All of the cute! This is just a few favourite ones. They can all be viewed here :)  

Until next time! 


Roxana said...

Welcome back! :) These are really beautiful photos. And really love the new look!

Aishling O'Neill said...

Thanks you Roxana! :D