Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our New Puppy Bailey - 2010

Friday, I traveled up to Dublin to see the wonderful Bill Bailey at a gig he was doing in the o2 (it was awesome btw) I was staying till Sunday when my sister and her boyfriend would drive me back home. On Saturday we went to see Back To The Future in the cinema :D If you ever get the chance to see it on the big screen do! It is very awesome.
On Sunday my sister tells me they have to collect something for someone and that we wouldn't be going straight home. I'm fine with that listen to my ipod on the way (Red Hot Chili Peppers). We stop at a house get out and there is a woman waiting for us and then I find out we are getting a new puppy! :D My mammy had arranged it and I had no idea! We had to pick out of two puppy's and OMG it was hard but one puppy in particular was lovely and friendly and seemed pretty quiet so we choose her :)

She was very nervous at first but she is completely full of beans now chewing anything in front of her including my shoes and the bottom of my jeans haha!

We went through a good few names, I wanted Zephyr (The Red Hot Chili Peppers song) but mammy didn't like it so we stuck with Bailey (after Bill ;)) which is much more fitting :D I think it was her name the moment we got her really! It was the first name I said!

Here are some of the first shots I took of her.


and some shots I took of her today!!! :D


Anonymous said...

WELCOME Bailey!!! I see a spoiled pup in your future. It's fun isn't it. You get to watch the pup mature and become your best friend. Congratulations on your new addition. Blessings to you. Tammy

Aishling O'Neill Photography said...

Haha she is already spoiled ;)
Yeah it is very very exciting!!! :D
Can't wait to have lots of fun with her and make memories and lots of photos too can't forget ;) :D

Thank you and same to you :)