Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumn Evening Walk with Bailey - 2010

Me, daddy and our new puppy Bailey went for a walk down to the Inny River here in Legan today :)
Remember to click for full view. All photos can be found in flickr set here and on my facebook page here.


She had a good walk and is fast asleep here now :)


sNarah said...

Hey, that Bailey really is a cutie! Lovely pictures Aishling, I love the way your affection for the wee pup shows through in the images, fantastic work!

Aishling O'Neill Photography said...

Thanks so much :D
She is a cutie but she also knows it haha ;)
Thanks again!!! :D


Rose said...

Oh my, she's a rockstar!!! :D What a sweet puppy. Love the photos, that area is incredible, I would love to take some long walks there too!

Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I love it Aishling! but I always love your photos :)

Aishling O'Neill Photography said...

@Rose: Haha she's a rockstar all right hehe ;)
It is a lovely area lucky to live beside it!!! Thank you :)

@Kimme Lovely to hear from you Kimme!!! I haven't seen you around much hope you are back posting will check your blog now and thanks so much!!! *hugs*