Friday, September 17, 2010

Castletownroche - 2010

Oh hai there! :D

Haven't updated in quite sometime! But here I am hoping to get started again.  I have changed around the blog a little just to freshen it up. I've taken a break from DeviantArt (don't get me started on why LOL) and have decided to use my blog best I can by keeping it updated with my latest photos and/or thoughts. Bare with me for a few photos while I catch up with old photos but will have shiny new photos soon :D
I've decided to cut down on certain sites I use and just keep a few main ones like twitter, facebook, flickr and this blog. I'm still wondering about updating my Redbubble so watch this space...

First up, my parents and I went to Cork for a memorial mass and while we were there I got some photos of Castletownroche, Ballycotton, Garryvoe & other places.

I'll post separate blogs for each cos altogether would take to much loading and be a bit over powering lol :D

I'll start off with the wonderful Castletownroche. Its a wonderful village and if you are ever near it its worth a visit. Unfortunately for us the weather wasn't the greatest but still I'm happy with the shots I got. I'll pick my favourite ones but you can view them all in my flickr set here. Click on images to view larger.

A little drive from Castletownroche is Bridgetown Priory which is just amazing! So beautiful and well worth a visit. Here are some photos I got while I was there.

and my favourite photo of my trip there is "The Birds" :D

You can view all the photos I got in Castletownroche in this Flickr Set here. You can also view them larger and on black.


Rose said...

These are so beautiful! :) Such an amazing place, love "The Birds"!

Aishling O'Neill Photography said...

Thank you Rose :)
It really is a lovely place to visit!!!