Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Nana's Garden - 2010

I took some photos up in my Nana's one Sunday in July. Not sure what to do with them as they didn't really work well as photos on their own, I found this wonderful storyboard template by GingerPixel here and started putting some of the photos together. This is the finished result. :) Hope you like. Only two of the photos in the storyboard work nice on their own so they follow along with more photos taken in my Nana's garden after the storyboard. Don't forget to click for full view.

Photo above: My Nana growing potatoes in a bucket along with some bits and bobs in the shed :)

All photos in this blog post can be viewed in My Nana's Flickr Set here along with other photos taken in my Nana's.


Rose said...

Ah, the second photo is so amazing! Love these secrets garden so much! :)

Aishling O'Neill Photography said...

Thanks again Rose :D
I'm glad you like :)

~ Aishling