Monday, September 20, 2010

Nana's Garden & Tristernagh - 2010

A lovely Pink Lily & Purple Sweet Pea taken in my Nana's garden. Click to enlarge :)

Tristernagh, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

The headstone of Reverend John Cantwell.

Sad Bear at Tristernagh

As I opened this photo to get a look at it I noticed the 20 euro note under the candle LOL that is a lot to leave there. People leave things belonging to themselves or others at this alter for healing. Reverend John Cantwell was meant to be able to heal people from all kinds of illnesses, he is buried in Tristernagh (I have yet to get a good photo of the grave) and so people leave all kinds of things (toys, shoes, hair clips, statues of Mary, etc.) in hope to be healed. One of the weird things about the priests grave is the grass doesn't grow on it. Ever. Even though the rest of the place is well overgrown and covered in grass.

Anyway this alter is in the ruined church people have left candles (mass might be still said there now and again I'm not sure), teddy bears (very sad looking ones), crosses and rosary beads.

A statue of Mary on the alter inside the church. The light may be overexposed but I love it :) :D (and for some reason it reminds me of The Killers song and video for "When You Were Young" LOL :P)

I think Mary was left there by some of the people that come and go at Tristernagh. It has been there since I first visited the place.

For more info on Tristernagh click here :) 


Rose said...

These are so beautiful Aishling! The flowers are so delicate and yet so vibrant! And the last image is amazing! love it!

Aishling O'Neill Photography said...

Thanks again so much Rose :) :D

~ Aishling

jr cline said...

These are lovely.

Aishling O'Neill said...

Thank you JR! :D