Monday, September 20, 2010

Nana's Garden & Tristernagh - 2010

A lovely Pink Lily & Purple Sweet Pea taken in my Nana's garden. Click to enlarge :)

Tristernagh, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

The headstone of Reverend John Cantwell.

Sad Bear at Tristernagh

As I opened this photo to get a look at it I noticed the 20 euro note under the candle LOL that is a lot to leave there. People leave things belonging to themselves or others at this alter for healing. Reverend John Cantwell was meant to be able to heal people from all kinds of illnesses, he is buried in Tristernagh (I have yet to get a good photo of the grave) and so people leave all kinds of things (toys, shoes, hair clips, statues of Mary, etc.) in hope to be healed. One of the weird things about the priests grave is the grass doesn't grow on it. Ever. Even though the rest of the place is well overgrown and covered in grass.

Anyway this alter is in the ruined church people have left candles (mass might be still said there now and again I'm not sure), teddy bears (very sad looking ones), crosses and rosary beads.

A statue of Mary on the alter inside the church. The light may be overexposed but I love it :) :D (and for some reason it reminds me of The Killers song and video for "When You Were Young" LOL :P)

I think Mary was left there by some of the people that come and go at Tristernagh. It has been there since I first visited the place.

For more info on Tristernagh click here :) 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Nana's Garden - 2010

I took some photos up in my Nana's one Sunday in July. Not sure what to do with them as they didn't really work well as photos on their own, I found this wonderful storyboard template by GingerPixel here and started putting some of the photos together. This is the finished result. :) Hope you like. Only two of the photos in the storyboard work nice on their own so they follow along with more photos taken in my Nana's garden after the storyboard. Don't forget to click for full view.

Photo above: My Nana growing potatoes in a bucket along with some bits and bobs in the shed :)

All photos in this blog post can be viewed in My Nana's Flickr Set here along with other photos taken in my Nana's.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cork - 2010

First photoblog post of Cork here & second here :)

Last couple of shots taken in Cork of Midleton Church and of the lovely Cork landscape when driving home. Enjoy.

All Cork photos can be viewed in my Cork Flickr Set here.

Ballycotton and Garryvoe, Cork - 2010

First photoblog post of Cork photos here :)

While staying in Midleton we took a trip to the lovely Ballycotton and then Garryvoe. We got such lovely weather for it and here are some of my favourite shots of both locations. You can view all photos here in my Cork Flickr Set. And don't forget to click to view larger.



Don't forget you can view all photos here :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Castletownroche - 2010

Oh hai there! :D

Haven't updated in quite sometime! But here I am hoping to get started again.  I have changed around the blog a little just to freshen it up. I've taken a break from DeviantArt (don't get me started on why LOL) and have decided to use my blog best I can by keeping it updated with my latest photos and/or thoughts. Bare with me for a few photos while I catch up with old photos but will have shiny new photos soon :D
I've decided to cut down on certain sites I use and just keep a few main ones like twitter, facebook, flickr and this blog. I'm still wondering about updating my Redbubble so watch this space...

First up, my parents and I went to Cork for a memorial mass and while we were there I got some photos of Castletownroche, Ballycotton, Garryvoe & other places.

I'll post separate blogs for each cos altogether would take to much loading and be a bit over powering lol :D

I'll start off with the wonderful Castletownroche. Its a wonderful village and if you are ever near it its worth a visit. Unfortunately for us the weather wasn't the greatest but still I'm happy with the shots I got. I'll pick my favourite ones but you can view them all in my flickr set here. Click on images to view larger.

A little drive from Castletownroche is Bridgetown Priory which is just amazing! So beautiful and well worth a visit. Here are some photos I got while I was there.

and my favourite photo of my trip there is "The Birds" :D

You can view all the photos I got in Castletownroche in this Flickr Set here. You can also view them larger and on black.