Friday, April 16, 2010

Fore Abbey, Co. Westmeath, Ireland - 2010

For info on wonderful Fore go here to Megalithic Ireland or Wiki here

A Glimpse of Irish Sunlight
Location: Fore, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

There is lots in this shot! From left to right: An archway across the road, Anchorites Cell, Fore Abbey off in the distance & the last one is St. Feichin's Church & Graveyard. If you click here I have the names beside each building. Just incase that is to confusing :P 

You spend ages waiting for light like this, you should have seen how fast the light was coming and going but its worth it when you catch just a glimpse of that Irish Light, It makes a shot. 

We had to climb up a good bit up the hill. In the shot you can see my sister (hehe) she couldn't go any further than that I don't think she liked the height but my daddy made me climb and climb and climb until we got here! Suppose I should thank him because no way would I have done this without him telling me to keep going  :P

I got this lovely shot out of it.
My sister really shows the height of it :O
This was as far as we could go cos its just a big straight rock from there, as you can tell by the shadow at the bottom of the shot!

I'm happy with everything about it :D
Got lots in it too and love the sky. It rained and everything when we arrived but I didn't curse it because I knew it would give a great sky and that it did in all my shots :D

Anchorites Cell, Fore, Westmeath, Ireland
Location: Fore, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

This one, there was just something about it I really liked.  Its the Anchorites Cell again. I love the colours, the different greens of the grass, the way the sun is shining lighting up parts of the fields, the landscape in the background being lit up by the sun, the cows, the sky! I just like it.

The Anchorites Cell surrounded by its Landscape. 

An Anchorite is someone who lives a hermits life for religious reasons for more info click the links on the top of this blog post :)

Fore Abbey & Anchorites Cell
Location: Fore, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

The Anchorites Cell & Fore Abbey in the background.

An Anchorite is someone who lives a hermits life for religious reasons for more info click the links on the top of this blog post :)

Fore Abbey from St Feichin's Church Window
Location: Fore, Co, Westmeath, Ireland

Photo of Fore Abbey through the window of St. Feichin's Church. 
Beautiful place, well worth the visit.

St Feichin's Church, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
Location: Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Inside St. Feichin's Church just beside the wonderful Fore Abbey.

Fore Abbey, Westmeath, Ireland
Location: Fore, Westmeath, Ireland

I will have to visit again soon. Fore Abbey is so beautiful and well worth the visit but make sure and visit early if you want to have a bit of comfort looking around.

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