Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer In Ireland, 2009

Some nice summer shots I took when we had a good spell of nice weather.

All shots taken in my village Legan, Co. Longford, Ireland this year.

Yellow Ireland
Location: Legan, Co. Longford, Ireland

Buttercup covered field! Only a little drive or walk from my house. Me and my daddy where driving by and I had to stop to take a shot. Lovely summer weather we where having at the beginning of June :)
The flowers are actually all gone now so I'm glad I got a few shots of it before it was gone completely.

The Black Water, Legan, Ireland
Location: Legan, Co. Longford, Ireland

The Black Water River that flows through Legan.
Taken at the Ball Alley in Legan village, Longford.
Again taken on a nice summery day in June.

Greyhound Pup

And I will leave you with my daddy holding a friends Greyhound pup!
He has quite a few of them and they are so cute!

& That's all for now still have lots to come. Keep an eye on my DeviantArt site, Flickr & if you see any photos you would like to buy head over to my RedBubble or contact me here!!!