Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stormy Weather, Sunset & Legan, Co. Longford Village - 2009

Stormy Irish Weather
Location: Somewhere in Co. Westmeath I think?!, Ireland

It was very windy as you can see from the tree and it was freezing cold. It was also raining in the distance and I love how the sun made it go red.

I'm not sure where this is...
Daddy and I just drove around and ended up there!

Will find out the location in future.
Its the same location as the photo below.

In This Twilight, Ireland
Location: Somewhere in Co. Westmeath I think?!, Ireland

This is the same place as Stormy Irish Weather above.
You can thank my daddy for this shot as he directed me to it when I was taking photos of the sunset on its own but none of them came out as good as this with the tree. It feels very lonely I think and daddy agrees! But still I love it all the same.

Legan, Ireland

Location: Legan, Longford, Ireland.

Two people cycling down to the center of my hometown village Legan.

St. Mary's Church Legan, Ireland

Location: Legan Church, Longford, Ireland.

I really like this shot.
I was inside Legan Church one day nobody there but myself and my daddy and the sun was shining through the Stained Glass window onto a Plaque and some kind of shrine.
I didn't even realise the photo came out so good and didn't find out what the plaque or anything said. Next time I'm there I will find out more info for you.

Legan Church Doorway
Location: Legan Church, Longford, Ireland.

Photo of one of the doors of my local Church here in Legan.
Taken back in October (wow it doesn't seem like that long ago) it was just starting to get dark, sun was setting, love the shadows of the tree and sun reflecting off the coloured glass above the door.